Does WinCo Cash Checks (Personal, Payroll & Stimulus)?

WinCo Foods is a retail chain of supermarkets across the US and is based in Boise Idaho. It offers a variety of money services in states such as Arizona, California, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Oregon.

Does WinCo Foods Cash Checks?

Let’s say you have a check and would like to convert it into cash. Can WinCo convert that check into cash?

Yes, WinCo does cash payroll checks in most of its outlets across the US subject to the general check-cashing policy.

WinCo Check Cashing Policy

WinCo check cashing policy provides that the check must not exceed $1000, and it should be a payroll check for it to be accepted.

Also, the customer must have valid identification documents such as a driver’s license, or military ID.

WinCo Foods check cashing
WinCo Foods Store

Insofar as the identification is concerned, WinCo state that the company should be able to verify the customer’s employment with the issuer of the check.

WinCo Check Cashing Hours

The check-cashing services are handled at the customer care desk between 8 am and 9 pm daily in most stores.

WinCo Check Cashing Fees

WinCo Foods has a unique arrangement in place when it comes to charging for check cashing services.

At WinCo check cashing fees are $5 for checks valued below $500 and $10 for checks valued at more than $500.

The fees are charged in form of redeemable tokens which customers would redeem when they make a purchase at the store.

The $5 token is redeemed by purchasing commodities totaling $25 whereas the $10 token is redeemed by making a purchase worth $50.

Checks not Accepted at WinCo Foods

While WinCo does cash many payroll checks as already discussed here above, there are a number of checks that are not accepted at their outlets.

Some of the checks that are not accepted at WinCo include:

  • Two-party Checks
  • Finance company loan checks
  • Non-WinCo money orders
  • Manually handwritten payroll checks
  • Deposit slips
  • Checks with unreadable magnetic ink numbers
  • Post-dated checks
  • Checks totaling over $1000
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Checks without a preprinted name
  • Out-of-trading area checks
  • Checks older than 30 days
  • Computer-generated checks
  • Counter checks

FAQs on WinCo Check Cashing

Under this section, we revisit some of the commonly asked questions concerning cashing of checks at WinCo Foods.

Does WinCo cash personal checks?

Unfortunately, WinCo does not cash personal checks. For these, you would have to check other retail stores that do cash personal checks.

Does WinCo cash stimulus checks?

No, WinCo does not cash stimulus checks in any of its stores. That means you would have to go for any of the alternative check-cashing retail stores nearby.

How long does it take for a check to clear at WinCo?

At WinCo Payroll checks clear within two business days.

Does WinCo cash handwritten checks?

No, WinCo does not cash handwritten checks. They also do not cash checks whose names are not preprinted.

Does WinCo cash 2-party checks?

No, WinCo does not cash 2 party checks in any of their store outlets. this means you would have to look for alternative stores that can cash 2-party checks.

Does WinCo give cashback on personal checks?

No, WinCo does not give cash back on personal checks. You would need a payroll check to qualify for cash backs on purchases made using checks according to the specific store cashback policy.

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