Woodforest Bank Debit Card: Activation, Expiry & Limits

Like any other bank, Woodforest National Bank provides a debit card that enables customers to access their money through the ATMs.

The debit card may also be used to make online payments in merchants that accept such cards.

Woodforest Bank Instant Debit Card

The Woodforest Bank debit card is sometimes referred to as the instant debit card. It is a card the customer applies, receives, and is activated instantly while within the baking premises.

This means the card can be used immediately after it has been activated.

Woodforest Debit Card Number

The debit card comes with a unique card number that makes the card unique for online transactions.

Other numbers on the card include the bank account number, and security code, and the expiration date.

Woodforest Debit Card PIN

The PIN is like a unique password that enables Woodforest Bank customers to be able to access their funds securely.

The pin is usually needed when withdrawing funds from the ATM. It is always advisable for customers to memorize their PINs and not write them anywhere.

Please note that when it comes to changing PINs, this may only be done by the PIN provider, which in this case is the bank. The Woodforest Bank’s system must create all-new PINs.

Your PIN will need to be reset by a customer care employee in a local branch. You will receive a new debit card with a new expiration date as a consequence of this.

Woodforest Bank debit card limit

The Woodforest bank debit card is limited to $810 per day. The limit renews every midnight.

How to Activate Woodforest Debit Card

The Woodforest Bank debit card activation process is simple. All you need to do after receiving the card is to visit the nearest ATM machine and insert the card.

Insert the PIN and you can simply check the balance. This action will activate the card.

Alternatively, you can activate the Woodforest Bank Instant Debit card by shopping in physical stores where the card is swiped or scanned. The process notifies the Woodforest system which then activates the card.

Woodforest bank debit card
Debit Card Customer

Woodforest Debit Card Expiry and Replacement

Just like any other debit card, the Woodforest debit card expires after some time. The expiry date is usually indicated on the card. Once the card has expired you will need to visit the nearest Woodforest bank to have it replaced.

A replacement may also be needed if you lose your card. However, in case of a card loss, it is advisable to contact the bank immediately to have them close the card. You can call them at 1-877-968-7962.

So, how do you replace the card?

Well, Woodforest Bank debit card replacement is easy. Simply visit the nearest branch and apply for a new card.

You will need some form of identification recognized by the bank for you to get the card and its PIN instantly.

Woodforest Debit Card Declined

The Woodforest debit card may be declined due to several reasons such as:

  1. The Debit Card was declined because the customer’s account had insufficient funds.
  2. The card was declined due to exceeding an internal withdrawal limit for certain transactions or based on other limitations set by the customer. For example, ATM withdrawals are limited to $810 per day.
  3. Management has placed a temporary hold on funds associated with the card pending investigation of what may have caused the transaction to fail. This can be done when there are suspicions that a fraudulent transaction may have occurred or when there is suspicion that proper identification measures were not taken at the point of sale.

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